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The Future of Wellington


Warren Ulusele is the Urban Development Manager with Wellington City Council

As with any city, Wellington is evolving. It needs to evolve to accommodate a growing population, and it needs to evolve to cater to the changing needs of its existing population.

As investors, we are in the business of providing a service to the people of this town, so it pays to keep an eye on what changes might be in store for us in the future here in Wellington... which locations are being opened up for intensification / development? Where is new infrastructure being planned? How are town planning rules changing?

Is new land being opened up for new housing? And how does all this impact our business as investors and property owners? Warren Ulusele is the Urban Development manager at Wellington City Council and is charged with looking after many of these strategic changes and plans. Come and hear Warren’s view of the way Wellington is likely to change shape in years to come.

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