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Renovating for a Profit


Renovating for a Profit

Guest Speakers: Darren Young - WBS Property Services;  & Rochelle Jackson - Kitchen Elements

For March's membership meeting it was the intention to have a big shed building & hardware representative address Capital Property Investors Association - to talk about what products are currently in hot demand and how property investors can renovate their rentals from a wide range of products and prices. Unfortunately this wasn't to be as the speaker had another trade promotional commitment in Auckland instead which has left us in a bit of a hole.

Although the DIY topic off the menu for this meeting, property enhancement and ongoing maintenance still needs to happen regardless to keep your rental investments at their best and to ensure that your rental returns are maximised.

This meeting we have two speakers, Rochelle Jackson from Kitchen Elements and Darren Young from WBS Property Services.

Rochelle will talk about good kitchen design and some tricks and ideas to get the most out of your space. What are the likely costs for customised kitchens and how long would a kitchen renovation take whilst Darren Young from WBS Property Services will explore the option of having a one stop shop property service company that undertakes not only ongoing property maintenance but also the delivery of a specific rental projects.

Darren will highlight the benefits of having a specialist company with their availability of tradespeople (builders, plumbers, electricians, roofers) as well as access to design architects through to skilled resources such as leak specialists.

As always whether it’s a DIY project or outsourced, there will be something for everybody at this meeting to take home that is useful.


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