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Meeting 2015-05-12 Wellington the Next Supercity


Wellington –the Next Super City?

Fran Wilde - Wellington Regional Councillor

For quite some time now there has been a lot of press for bringing Wellington and its surrounding councils into one following Auckland becoming a super city.  There are proponents for bringing the decisions of the wider region into a central body however there will still be regional boards that represent the interests of the regions. Needless to say many of the small and distant councils feel each of their regional identities will get lost in the bigger scheme and can see nothing from having a centralised governing body.

For our May members meeting we are pleased to have Fran Wilde, a long term Wellington Regional Councilor, speak to the proposition of a Wellington Super City Council. With public submissions now closed, the commission is has completed hearing submissions so we all now wait for final proposal which could be voted on via a public referendum, Before any referendum is held it is important that everybody should be well informed of the commission’s desirable outcome which is looking for the best outcome for the Wellington and its wider region.

Fran Wilde sees a lot of benefits of a super Wellington council and at our May meeting; Fran will relate to us the benefit of a super Wellington council from her wealth of experience as a Regional Councilor. Also with Auckland already having gone down the super city path, there may be some learning’s that have since come to light.

There has been plenty of comment in the papers and a lot of it emotional based – here is an opportunity to hear Fran's view of the Wellington Super City and for you to ask questions on how Fran sees that the region as a whole will benefit as being part of a Super City.  

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