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2020 - February Meeting - Mark Withers - Succession Planning

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Mark Withers, a chartered accountant and the founding business partner of Withers Tsang & Co will speak on aspects of Succession Planning, a vast subject dealing with Death, Tax, Trust law, Wills and estates. Although the topic is wide, some key aspects will be outlined to improve an understanding of how assets are best passed on. Keep Reading


2019 August Meeting - Jarrod Kerr, Chief Economist, Kiwibank

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Kiwibank’s Chief Economist, Jarrod Kerr, will be our speaker for the August 2019 members meeting. Keep Reading


2019 July Meeting - Adding Value By Subdividing Your Rental Property & How To Finance It

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The Surveying Company, surveying, subdivisions, subdividing Keep Reading


2019 June - The Wellington Insurance Market & Fire Safety

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Nicola Telford and Peter Murphy from Crombie Lockwood will be updating us on the Wellington Insurance Market and we will also hear about how to protect your investment property from fire damage from Philip Soal from the New Zealand Fire Service. Keep Reading


2019 May Meeting - Leaky Homes

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Gerald Evans from Flashclad and Thomas Wutzler from Helfin. Our two speakers are both professionals in the cladding and surveying industry and will be discussing leaky homes solutions. FLASHCLAD is a fully NZ owned, national company specialising in highly innovative, aesthetically superior, premium quality, powder coated, Cladding and... Keep Reading


2019 April Meeting - Asbestos & PCBU with Matt Mason from Betta Inspect It

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Capital Property Investors Association are welcoming Matt Mason from Betta Inspect it will be talking about Asbestos and PCBUs (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking). Keep Reading


2019-March-Meeting---Healthy Homes Standards - Andrew King - NZ Property Investors Federation

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On Tuesday, 26 March 2019, Andrew led a Facebook live session regarding the Governments new Healthy Homes standards announced on Sunday 24 February 2019. Andrew will be our speaker for the March meeting and will further discuss what he sees as the long term effects and implications of these standards, both on landlords, tenants and the market... Keep Reading


2019 February Meeting - Property Trading, Renovating and Relocating

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Trading, Renovating and Relocations - Our first meeting of the year covers property trading, renovating and relocating. Our speakers are hands on practitioners of these investment strategies and they will go through some practical examples. Keep Reading


2018 October Meeting - Scotney Williams, Changes to RTA & Healthy Homes regulations

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We are very pleased to welcome Scotney Williams, tenancy Lawyer, from, who will be our speaker for the October Meeting.  Our goal for this meeting is to equip members with the information they need to either fill out the survey's below, or make their own submissions.   Keep Reading


2018 September Meeting - Simon Bridges - Leader of the National Party

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2018 September Meeting - Simon Bridges - Leader of the National Party  ... Keep Reading


2018 November Meeting - Economic Outlook - Liz Kendall ANZ

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Liz Kendall, ANZ Economist will give Capital PIA members a snapshot of her views on the long term economic forecast. Keep Reading


2018 August Meeting - Wellington Property Outlook - WCC and GWRC

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Wellington Property Outlook - Dave Grimmond from Greater Wellington Regional Council will discuss economic and employment forecasts for the Wellington region, plus some discussion around infrastructure projects in the region, to build a picture of which parts of the region are most likely to prosper or flatline. Following this, Josh Patterson... Keep Reading


2018 July Meeting - Avoiding Scams - Bronwyn Groot - Manager Fraud Education - Commission for Financial Capability

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Avoiding Scams with Bronwyn Groot - Manager Fraud Education - Commission for Financial Capability. Come along to our July presentation and listen to Bronwyn explain some of the ways people get scammed and how we can all be vulnerable to the myriad of scams out there today. Keep Reading


2018 June Meeting - Short Term Rental Market

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Come along and find out the risks and rewards of the Short Term Rental Market with Kevin Edmonds from Quinovic and John Kettle from Tommys Real Estate Keep Reading


2018 May Meeting - Jolene Bagby & Ron Goodwin - Investor Stories

Jolene Bagby, along with partner Jacek Baranowski, has been trading and investing since 2005, and achieved financial freedom in her early 40s after setting in place a plan to create passive income through rental property and pay down debt using trading and subdividing profits. Keep Reading

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