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2018 May Meeting - Jolene Bagby & Ron Goodwin - Investor Stories



Jolene Bagby, along with partner Jacek Baranowski, has been trading and investing since 2005, and achieved financial freedom in her early 40s after setting in place a plan to create passive income through rental property and pay down debt using trading and subdividing profits.

She has renovated, bought and sold and subdivided 45 plus properties and manages her own rental properties.

Jolene is passionate about inspiring new investors to reach their goals and show that retiring early is entirely achievable with the right knowledge in property. She regularly gives talks and webinars for APIA and provides a mentoring service. She lives just north of Auckland on a lifestyle block in the country and enjoys travel.

She will be speaking on the ups and downs of her journey, the keys to her success and share the tips she offers her mentoring students on how to succeed in reaching your property goals.


Ron is 76 years old, unemployed, a born-again bachelor with 4 lovely daughters and 9 fabulous grandchildren who owns a portfolio of 40 rental houses mainly in Auckland but also in Whangarei and the Waikato, a total workaholic and now a grumpy old bugger as well.

He started as a part-time investor in 1987 and gradually built up a rental business which became full-time from 2008 to the present day.

Ron is Qualified in land surveying, real estate and urban valuation.

Early career as a land surveyor and subdivision engineer on large subdivisions in Auckland.

At age 31 landed an executive role with Universal Homes in charge of all the land purchase, surveying, engineering, and development of large subdivisions for the housing operation.  After 17 years moved to a similar role with Wilbow Corporation based in Melbourne as their New Zealand manager producing large up-market subdivisions.  After 14 years moved to Thornton Estates based in Christchurch doing the same thing as they expanded their quality subdivisions into Auckland.

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