2018 April Meeting - David Whitburn - Cashflow, Equity and Growth - Lessons from the Auckland Market for Wellington



David Whitburn is the Immediate Past-President and a Life Member of the Auckland Property Investors’ Association (“APIA”), a professional property investor and developer, author of the best-selling book “Invest and Prosper with Property” published by Random House in 2011, and an external property consultant to two of our nation’s largest banks.

He has controlled or project managed well over $100 million of property acquisitions and over $160 million in construction projects since 2003. David’s passion includes developing affordable housing and deliver quality projects for Auckland. He works to smoothly integrate his projects to benefit their surrounding communities, with his large networks and great proven ability to build and lead successful teams.

He blogs on his interests focusing on real estate matters on my website, and partners with other high net worth individuals to succeed in property investment. Click here to go to David's website https://www.davidwhitburn.com/.

David's topic is on Cashflow, Equity and Growth - Lessons from the Auckland Market for Wellington. This will be a fun and interesting presentation where David will give his views on where we are at in the Property Cycle and what this means to you. There will be some crystal ball gazing, what you expect from the market. Most importantly there will be strategies for members to consider adopting to benefit from the prevailing market conditions. He will talk about the importance of cashflow and having buffers for safe investing. David will share some of his latest projects. He will allay fears of recent Government legislation and show that being investor is great, you just have to be a bit smarter than most to really succeed.






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