2016 May Meeting Steve Goodey​


Steve Goodey

The story of how Steve Goodey got into property investment started when he bought his first property 2001 while he and his wife where still flatting in Wellington. Steve then had a mate who needed to get out of a property in Lower Hutt  It was your average 3 bedroom ex state up and down flat. It was worth $95,000 and Steve offered $85,000 for it because that's what he needed at the time, he accepted.

Steve then had to figure out how I was going to pay for it, but having just read Rich Dad poor dad he figured that I was bullet proof and could not fail.  Even though Steve had very little money at all, (he thinks circa $1200 in a savings account) he read everything he could get my hands on and decided It would have to be a no money down deal.

This is how the Steve Goodey property story started but as we now know Steve main property vehicle now is Property Tutors, a organisation that mentors those property investors looking to make trading their career path to wealth however this evening Steve will be presenting to the Association talking about trading and answering questions on the topic.


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