2016 June Meeting Andrew King


Andrew King - Auckland Property Market

As property investors in Wellington,  we have for a long time now heard in the media all about how hot the  Auckland property market has been and subsequently about how the Reserve Bank has intervened to cool it - initially using the LVR as a blunt regulation tool then the Bright-line test for sales of residential property.

The National Government has also come under a bit of pressure as a result of the public's perception of overseas investors heavily investing in the Auckland market further inflating property prices and has introduced measures to publicly identify & register overseas investors.

Andrew King (as Executive Officer for the NZPIF) has been invited to speak on the the Auckland property market, not only from an investors perspective but with insight of being the NZPIF's liaison between investor association members and the government, Because of Andrew role in the NZPIF, he will be in tune with what plans may be next from the Governments as they try to be seen to deal with more and more people who are noted sleeping rough, for want of affordable (and) social housing.  

In all, there are many people in the chain of property ownership with different vested interests; Andrew may be able to reflect observations to the Capital PI Association members of how all stakeholders have all been affected; it  will potentially be a good insight of what is coming to the Wellington region with the residential investment heat that has moving south.

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