2016 August Meeting Health and Safety at Work Act & Residential Tenancy Act Law Changes



Health and Safety at Work Act & Residential Tenancy Act Law Changes


Health and Safety at Work and the Property Investor - Brian Nathan,  Law Firm Duncan Cotterill

With the new Health and Safety at Work Act now in place July 4 2016, the question has regularly been raised by landlords who engage contractors, tradesmen or services providers to undertake repair and maintenance work on rental properties what their obligations are to be compliant with the act and if they are not compliant what are the consequences.
To answer this, Brian Nathan of Law Firm Duncan Cotterill will briefly set the scene so that landlords/property managers know what a Principle Conducting a Business and Undertaking (PCBU) is, what the duty of care is, and then deal with landlord/property manager stuff specifically in that context.  Brian will also deal with what to do in the event there is an accident whilst a PCBU is undertaking work in the rental.

Residential Tenancy Act - Rental  Insulation - Phil Squire, CEO Sustainability Trust

With the recent amendments to the Residential Tenancy Act, there is now requirements for smoke alarms to be installed in all rental properties as well as requirements for ceiling and underfloor insulation in residential rental properties by 1 July 2016 for Housing New Zealand and Community Housing Provider tenancies, and by 1 July 2019 for all remaining tenancies. For many property investors, July 2019 is the deadline for insulating their properties.  In the meanwhile, all new tenancy agreements have a section in them that requires the landlord/property manager to identify the current level of insulation (and its R rating) of the property being rented.  Phil Squire has a passionate interest in healthy housing and for owners of the older properties that need insulation (re)installed, Phil Squire's Sustainability Trust presentation will be a huge help in making this happening, also providing insight for any central or local government for funding options.

Both these speakers will be of great interest to all meeting attendees; if you have any questions that you would like answered bring them to this meeting 

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